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DBM Version for 1.10.0 is released!



We're abandoning VUE and refactoring with Angular and Typescript

  • Refactor query module
  • Refactor data source module
  • Refactor disk module
  • Refactor database module
  • Refactor table module
  • Refactor column module
  • Refactor monitor module
  • Refactor tools module
  • Refactor setting module


  • Split query history into new pages
  • Split application set to new page


  • Optimize table operation logic
  • Optimize column operation logic
  • Optimize the multi-window editor


  • Fixed an issue where the editor could not format SQL
  • Fix the quick Query table name display problem issues-84
  • Fixed an issue where the right click menu could not follow selected text

Remove (temporarily)


Due to some problems with the following functions, we will temporarily rewrite them and put them back online

  • Data migration function
  • Add columns, modify columns
  • Column details
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